The End of A Chapter!

When life feels like a bad dream you don’t want to get out of bed.

Two weeks ago I announced to the world, on social media, one of the saddest moments of my life. My marriage was officially over.

The big “D” word was out.

What became one of the saddest moments of my life then became one of the scariest. I was now doing life “alone”.

I felt lost. I felt confused. I felt EVERYTHING!

I spent the last ten years sharing life with someone and now I am responsible for all aspects of me.

The wave of fear settled after a few days as I began to allow the reasoning back in. I remembered why my marriage failed and remembered that “I” chose to leave it. I remembered saying to myself that this was going to be a new journey, come what may!

I spent that weekend really reflecting on so much and connecting with my spirit guides. I asked on what my purpose was now and how I can speed up the healing process.

I immediately heard…”share your journey”

I said, “NOPE”! 🙅‍♀️

Then I heard it again…“share your vulnerability for others”

I said, “NO, THANK YOU!🙅‍♀️

Then my guides stepped forward and said, “You want to heal, this is how you heal. By helping others heal too!”

I said, “FINE😔

Today, I realize the earlier you start your healing, the sooner you let go of suffering. But so many people associate suffering with their worth.

I did for so long and when I had an “ah-ha” moment that suffering is a choice, I began to choose differently.

Pain, hurt and despair are real emotions and deserve real attention. The thing about suffering is your ego is front and center.

When you choose to heal, you lead with heart.

I’m sharing my journey through healing and inviting others who want to join to come along. If you’d like to join, you can watch my videos on my Facebook page, here!

I also created a complimentary Guide Book you can use to follow along. You can get that, here!

Am I scared?


Exposing my vulnerability to be opened up for judgement and criticism is really uncomfortable for me. I guess that comes with the territory and if I can get through this, I become that much stronger. I practice resilience and compassion all in one.

I honestly don’t know what will come of it in the end. All I know is that I will do whatever it takes to heal and if I can help someone else heal in the process, then I’ve shown up for my life’s work.

If you get the opportunity to heal, no matter what that looks like, I hope you will jump in too. It is always worth it in the end!




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