Self-Review Galore!

How do you do a “mind, body and soul” self-review?

Is that something you’ve ever even considered before?

Not many have and up until only a few years ago, I didn’t either.
Now…this is non-negotiable. A tradition I will always live by.

Every year, in January, I spend the entire month resting, recovering,
relaxing, reviewing, revising, and rising.

Resting from the year before.
Recovering from the holiday season.
Relaxing from the release of the previous year and welcoming in the integration of the new year.
Reviewing all that went on in the past year.
Revising my goals, dreams and intentions.
Rising up to the occasion (new year) by elevating and expanding my energy.

Now you can see why I take the entire month to do this! 

Patience, my pretty. Everything takes time and divine order can’t be rushed. 👸

In the past I would get so frustrated setting an intention to only fall short right at the finish line. Like… WTF!

I didn’t understand what I was missing as it seemed that I had all the right ingredients to succeed. It began to royally stress me out so I eventually stopped trying to make sense of it and just kept working on my goals. 
One day when studying my psychic abilities, I realized what the missing link was. Major victory moment!
I realized that I was not going within myself to audit my own core basics. I was not testing out my own ingredients of success to see if they were working. I was just running wild with theories and modalities hoping one would be…
The golden ticket. The miracle. The saving grace.   
To my surprise as soon as I went within myself to do a self-review and soul audit, I was able to tweak the energy around my limiting beliefs and align my energy to achieve success. Almost instantly I saw results.
I began achieving my goals and having experiences I could only dream of having.
In a season where change is so prevalent, checking in with your core foundation is a must. No matter how much effort you make to shift, change and alter yourself, you can’t skip the part where you do an internal audit.
To help you get started, it’s important to understand your self in its entirety. 

Your self consists of…

👉 Mind
👉 Body
👉 Soul

The 3 key elements that make you unique and one of a kind.

Now I invite you to ask yourself, honestly the following questions… 

1. Is my mind the same as 2020 or did it grow in 2021?
2. Is my body the same as 2020 or did it change in 2021?
3. Is my soul the same as 2020 or did it evolve in 2021?

There is no shame, guilt or judgement allowed in this. It’s knowledge, clarity, transparency and honesty of where you are at today!

Continue to allow these questions the space to spark curiosity and creativity. You can’t change, improve or grow if you don’t know what you’re working with. Getting down to the basics is getting to the root of your own self! Studying yourself is so powerful and truly a lot of fun.

I wholeheartedly believe that your “self” is an amazing combination of magical ingredients.

Study those ingredients of yours, add some new elements, and create an alchemic explosion for 2022!

If you want to continue learning more about the basics of self, I cordially invite you to watch a video I made talking all about it. 

Video 👉 Understanding your own “BASIC OF SELF”

If you’re looking for a community to add to those new elements for success, I welcome you to join my FB Group. We’d love to have you there!

FB Group 👉 HOUSE of J’IVANIA | Soul Opulence

You are a powerful source of greatness. Don’t forget that.

Wishing you an amazing “self-review” and let me know what magic unfolds for you. I’d love to hear all about it!




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