Lipstick Builds Confidence!

Pucker Up, Ladies! 💋 

Did you know that “lipstick” builds confidence?
What if I told you that it brings a spark of “self-worth” to your soul as well?

I’m serious!!

Some of you who know me (super) well would say, “Yeah Jess, you would say that!”
And YES, I would…but…this time “I” didn’t have to.

The “BIG TIME” University’s did the work for me and I love every bit of it!

According to the Huffington Post, Proctor & Gamble conducted a study in 2011 with researchers from Harvard and Boston University that resulted in women feeling more confident while wearing makeup, including “LIPSTICK”!


Even more… this study found that people wearing color cosmetics were perceived as more competent and reliable!


I know in my own experience lipstick has always made me feel powerful, fun and glamorous. Well… let’s be honest, any form of makeup does that for me. #realtalk

I just LOVE it all!

Seriously though, as a makeup artist who has put lipstick on hundreds of women, there is a definite shift of energy when lipstick enters the room. It’s such a powerful gesture that embodies a true moment of beauty.

Now let me be clear, lipstick (or makeup) doesn’t have to be a bright bold color. I find that even a nude/natural look says a lot more in certain occasions.

Color, especially on your lips sends an energetic message. Some messages are flirty, fun and playful. Others are sexy, bold and serious. I personally like the lipsticks that are bold, fun and fearless!

As we are transitioning seasons, I made a fun Spring/Summer video of a few seasonal colors I’m currently loving right now. The best part…they are SO budget friendly. You should definitely watch it so we can obsess over lipsticks together!

Check it out here : 👉 

All-in-all, I invite you to pay attention the next time you put color on those beautiful lips of yours to see how you feel.

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take it up a notch, I dare you to try on a lip color that you’ve never worn before. Don’t worry, if you hate it, just wipe it off like it never happened. That’s the fun part of it. No one has to ever know!

Embrace the MAGIC and share with me the fun you had! If you have a favorite color you’re loving, share that with me too. I love adding to my lipstick collection any chance I get!

Love you all, a thousand HUGS! 🤗




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