Genuine. Authentic. Raw.

Confidence is built by facing your biggest fears and my journey thus far has granted me that gift. With great victory comes great struggle but standing tall in the end is what matters. This is a piece of my truth!

Born and raised in California, I had the luxury of seeing so much diversity and creativity at all times. Ever since I could remember I would spend hours being fascinated with the details of every party and gathering I ever attended. The colors, the themes, the food, the dancing, the energy, and the joy this brought to everyone there.

Although every event was magnificent, the holiday gatherings were always my favorite. It not only fed my passion for parties, fashion and personal style, it also fueled my heart with meaningful memories.

Growing up I knew early on that I had a taste for the finer things in life. It wasn’t about the money but more so about the details and craftsmanship that changed people’s energy. This truly inspired me, empowered me and ignited my passion for creativity.

I was truly a bright eyed, loving and passionate little girl. As the years passed, the universe presented some challenging times for me that darkened those bright eyes. By the time I turned 18, I experienced neglect, sexual abuse, a broken home, toxic relationships, sexual harassment, bullying, betrayal, spiritual curses, entity attachments, miscarriage, abortions, self-sabotage and unfortunately much more I would never wish upon anyone.

By the age of 26, I was damaged, defeated, victimized, exhausted and wounded mentally, physically, and spiritually. With no self-worth, self-love, self-confidence or hope, I knew this journey of mine was not going to be easy.

When the day came where I was so broken and finally had enough, I cried myself to sleep and surrendered to the only faith I knew.  

God was my one and only hope to make miracles happen and a miracle is what I needed. This was the pivotal moment where my spiritual journey began.

The universe began to show me a deeper part of what has always been my birth right. Psychic abilities, angelic connections, wisdom from guided masters and so much more!

Becoming more involved and more in tuned with my gifts, I became more aware of the inner work I had to do. I knew this was not something I could do alone. I began my search, with prayer in hand, that I would find the teachers meant for me, and I did!

If you met me today, you would probably think I have it all together or not have any real struggles. I’m here to say I did, and I still do. Growth is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Evolution never ends and I’m extremely happy about that because like good wine, you get better with age.

Fast forward to today, all the work I did to heal (surprisingly) made space for clarity on how to achieve my biggest dreams. Simply looking for inner peace, I found the doors that led me straight to a life I always wanted. When I thought life couldn’t get any better, the universe presented me with opportunities to give back. This is when I realized what my true purpose in life was. Supporting other women on their journey in creative ways!

Those creative ways include hosting amazing parties, styling women all over the world, helping them align to their purpose and stand authentically beautiful in their own power.

Believe me when I say, “Dreams really do come true!”

Give yourself permission to live the life of your dreams. Only you have that power to gift yourself that chance. It’s your birth right and you deserve it. 

You can truly have it ALL!

My Story...

here is

go to Bali

open up a school of Intuitive Magic

visit the Vatican

 own my own jewelry and clothing line

spend a birthday in Santorini, Greece

visit the Maldives

own my own private jet

learn sign language

write a memoir

go skydiving

do a spiritual retreat in Thailand and get a sacred tattoo from a monk

learn a new language every year

i want to...

go to the top of the Eiffel Tower

see the Northern Lights

see the Pyramids

get my Doctorate in Metaphysics

I travelled to France and climbed the steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Did it...


My Bucket List

Graduate of California State University, Sacramento (Psychology)

Certified Life Coach

 Reiki Master

Theta DNA Healing Practitioner

Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner



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