As a Psychic Image Consultant and Lifestyle Specialist, I connect with universal energy to help you align to your highest potential. Whether it be through fashion, confidence coaching, lifestyle mastery or all of the above, you have the power to shine!

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It’s not just about how you look, it’s about how you show up that sets the tone for your success!


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  essa played an integral part in helping me let go of my past pain and fears and move towards a more productive and positive future. All along the way, she was there championing and encouraging me with her caring and considerate approach to coaching. With her help, my self trust, self confidence, and self love skyrocketed!

Jennifer Stambolsky


Bodem Coaching

         ll I have to say is WOW! Jessa literally blew me away in a MASSIVE way. She helped me shift my perspective on what beauty truly is and helped facilitate MAJOR breakthroughs for me. It was obvious that Jessa is a pure vessel of Source energy. She has a Divine ability to share and teach exactly what you NEED to hear at exactly the RIGHT moment while also infusing her fun and entertaining personality and charm throughout it. Overall, it was an extremely powerful, eye opening, empowering, and fun workshop! I would totally recommend booking Jessa for your event and/or as your coach. She truly is incredible and you will NOT regret it!
Thank you Jessa for being the Queen and Life Changer you are!!!!


Kelly Espino

Spiritual Empowerment Coach + Speaker

     can’t even begin to list all the ways Jessa has helped me. As a business woman who owns two businesses and I myself am a coach; self-improvement is nothing new to me. But let’s face it, even the experts need an expert.
She has been instrumental to my personal and professional growth. She is the only coach whose been able to define and help me eliminate deeply rooted beliefs that no longer served me.
Her methodology of Theta Healing and Reiki is incredibly powerful because it embodies every aspect of your life: The emotional, physical, and spiritual bringing you back into balance so that you can regain your power!


Veronica L. Taylor

Founder of Virtuso + Life Leaders Coaching 



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